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Am I safe from EMF emissions with the ThermaLight bulbs?Updated 2 months ago

The bulbs emit EMF naturally. All electrical devices emit electric fields (EF) and magnetic fields (MF) to some degree when operating unless properly shielded and grounded. The wireframe guards on our panels protect you, the user, from that emission.

When you bring our panels or saunas into your home they do not give off any EMF. Though all electrical devices emit electric fields (EF) and magnetic fields (MF) to some degree when operating, SaunaSpace® specifically takes care of this. All panels that SaunaSpace makes are shielded and grounded internally and externally, our customers experience ZERO electric or magnetic stress from our panels. Every panel we produce!

We achieve this through our wiring practices, internally shielding, internally grounding cord wrapping wires and our Faraday bulb guards. The power cord that comes with your panel is e-shielded as well. 

To achieve the ultimate detox and support for the organs and cells, you need protection from all forms of EMF.


A growing body of studies confirms the deleterious, poisonous effects of all this man-made EMF on our health:

  • EMFs disrupt the voltage-gated calcium channels in our cells.
  • Microwave cellphone signals cause depression.
  • Cell phone, wireless smart meters, are messing up our brains, causing insomnia, headache, depression/depressive symptoms, fatigue, dysesthesia, concentration/attention dysfunction, memory changes, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite/body weight, restlessness/anxiety, nausea, skin burning/tingling/dermographism.
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