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Faraday vs. Luminati

It's the EMFs.

What's the difference between the Luminati and the Faraday?

The Faraday includes our EMF-blocking shield. Silver and organic cotton are woven together in a unique mesh that prevents electromagnetic fields from entering the sauna. It blocks out Wi-Fi, cell signals, Bluetooth, and other invisible stressors that

Why do I need the EMF shield?

The EMF Shield creates an environment where you can totally unplug from the stresses of everyday life. When you are in nature, you’re separated from electricity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell signal, and all of the electromagnetic fields that they create. W

Luminati™ and Faraday™ Usage Protocol- Heat Sensitive

Luminati™ and Faraday™ Usage (even when you use the Photon™ in the sauna)(read our user manual). Clearance: From the front of the lamp guards to the user is minimum 18 inches / max 30 inches (average 24 inches). Time of day: Best to use the sauna fir