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What effects does using our products have on the skin?

Incandescent light & heat are what you receive from our signature ThermaLight™ bulb. Our customers reflect help with skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, slow-healing wounds, scarring, vitiligo, eczema... and the list goes on. The articles direct

Can you products help with my thyroids?

From written accounts to world-leading researchers and the wide customer base using our saunas, we have heard resounding support for help with Thyroid issues. Inhibiting The Sympathetic Nervous System. The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous

How could I feel after starting my sauna session if I have any underlaying conditions?

The light provided by our signature bulbs contains all of the studied wavelengths for light and heat therapy. The deep penetrating heat of our bulbs emission is radiant, meaning it heats you from the inside out! The Light therapy quotient works to st

Does my heart rate increase during my sauna session?

When in session you do experience an increased heart rate similar to a 60-100 watt workout. Though it is not due to sympathetic load, Dr. Lawrence Wilson speaks to this in his book 'Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing' 2003-2017 (by Dr. Lawr

How do my eyes benefit from being exposed to NIR?

When NIR reaches the eyes, it promotes healing in the eye cells because we also have visible red/NIR photoreceptors in our eye cells, like the retina. Furthermore, NIR has been shown to activate “lazy water” by increasing the transfer velocity of wat

If I have had surgery recently, can I use the sauna?

SaunaSpace® STRONGLY suggests speaking to your health care provider before you sauna. There is NO known contraindication for use after surgery. It is important to be present with how your body is feeling; if you feel like you should stop...stop and c

Can exposure to NIR help with my scars, scretch marks or wrinkles?

Below is a breakdown of different studied reactions that occur when the skin is exposed to NIR light and heat. This is important to those looking at general skin rejuvenation as well as wrinkles, scarring, stretchmarks, etc. Blood circulation is incr

Can the use of your saunas help with weight loss?

ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS. Even using the sauna in short bursts has a marked effect on body mass and other markers. Use for longer shows more marked reductions: Correlations between Repeated Use of Dry Sauna for 4 x 10 Minutes, Physiological Parameters, Anth

Can the sauna sessions help with my acne?

You can read a few articles about acne and skin related to infrared light therapy here:. HOW TO USE ON THE HEAD/FACE. We use one-250W bulb at 12-24 inches from the head/face for 10-15 minutes a session. You can perform up to 10 sessions a day (even w

Does my body release toxins during my sauna session?

Sweating is a superb method of eliminating many types of toxins. It spares the liver and kidneys and, for this reason, is safer than many other methods. Most people, especially slow metabolizers and those who are older or have sedentary lifestyles do

Can the light therapy help me get rid of my cold or flu?

In a sauna, a hyperthermic experience (a 3°F or 1.67°C temperature increase for a sustained period of time) releases Heat Shock Proteins that act as chaperones for signal antibodies! See this article for information. Read here for anti-inflammatory i

Can the light therapy help my immune system?

The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system activates the brain, muscles, thyroid and adrenal glands to respond to stress. It also tends to inhibit the activity of the eliminative organs and the immune system. Sauna therapy is helpful for

Can light therapy have any positive effect for someone with Parkinsons?

When it comes to full body therapy our Luminati™ and Faraday™ saunas are the way to go. Having this relief while increasing collagen production, which aids the connective tissues and facia affected by chronic degeneration, is what sets our NIR sauna

Does light therapy stimulate skin pigmentation?

A good paper to look at is 'Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) in skin: stimulating, healing, restoring' -Dr. Hamblin. Below are excerpts:. Section 8: "LLLT for Producing Depigmentation. Most studies carried out for vitiligo show the stimulatory

Can light therapy improve bone density?

ABOUT BONE AND LIGHT. Effects of low-level laser therapy on soft and hard tissue healing after endodontic surgery. Dose analysis of photobiomodulaiontheap on osteoblast, osteoclast, and osteocyte. Dr. Micheal Hamblin: LLLT - a must read. Articles by

Are there any positive effects for people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when exposed to light therapy?

Dr. Terry Wahls is a huge proponent of NIR sauna for her lifestyle and MS symptom management. As a world-leading researcher and founder of the Wahls Protocol, she is one of the top-sought-after individuals for MS knowledge. Please read and listen to

How does the heat shock protein therapy process happen when using your saunas?

ABOUT HEATING THE BODY. Raising cell temperature by 3°F (1.67°C), sustained for a few minutes, induces the cellular detoxification response. Therefore, if we raise core body temperature by 3°F (1.67°C) for a few minutes, we have increased temperature

If their any contraindication to the use of your saunas if I'm taking medication?

SaunaSpace® STRONGLY suggests speaking with your trusted practitioner about usage and any interactions before proceeding with your sauna use. We ARE NOT practitioners. If you take medical drugs, you may wish to ask your doctor if sauna therapy is all

Can my blood pressure improve with exposure to light therapy?

Causes for elevated blood pressure include inflamed arteries, hidden infections, hardened arteries, constricted arteries and congestion of the kidneys. Sauna therapy can benefit all of these causes of high blood pressure. Repeatedly shunting blood to

Can there be any neuropathic benefits to exposure to light therapy?

Please note that we are not practitioners and give no diagnosis or treatment plans. We have not had any of our customers report similar effects. Our customers do report help with neuropathies and the like. We have a member of our staff who personally

Can I benefit from light therapy if I have Lyme disease?

Below are some general leads for your research as well as specifics for Lyme. The best evidence is from the real-world betterment of our customers lives, as expressed directly by our customers. "Life Changing. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease

Can light therapy aid me from the long lasting effects of COVID?

Our position on COVID-19 is the same as for all other diseases due to infectious organisms, whether bacterial or viral or parasitic. Sauna use has been shown in the literature to be one of the most effective means of supporting immune system response

Can Iight therapy help with depression and S.A.D?

Below are two research article that speak volumes on general depression and S.A.D. in relation to light therapy. ABOUT INCANDESCENT. The emission from our signature ThermaLight™ bulbs does not promote flicker or high-energy wavelength stress. Instead

Can light therapy help with hair loss?

Below is an excerpt from our article 'Could Near Infrared Saunas Be The Best Thing For Your Skin?'. "LLLT for Treatment of Hair Loss. Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is the most common form of hair loss in men, affecting almost 50% of the male population

If I had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) could I benefit from light therapy?

Below, we have listed several research articles related to this matter:. When using our products directly on the face/head, it is important to limit your time to 10 - 15 minutes (this recommendation is due to the radiant heating of the brain, which i

Can I apply any products with ozone O3 components before my sauna session?

SaunaSpace® is not a healthcare provider, and you should speak to your trusted provider before using saunas or ozone. SaunaSpace® does not suggest applying creams, lotions, or oils to the skin during sauna use. ABOUT OZONE USE AND SAUNASPACE®. We rea

Can my arthritis benefit from light therapy?

Many 'arthritis and sauna use' articles cite the relief from arthritic stiffness and inflammation. Having this relief while increasing collagen production, which aids the connective tissues and facia affected by chronic arthritis, is what sets our NI

How deep does the near infrared light therapy penetrate on the body?

The NASA Study. --p.63, paragraph 3, “. The depth of near-infrared light penetration into human tissue has been measured...Spectra taken from the wrist flexor muscles in the forearm and muscles in the calf of the leg demonstrate that most of the phot