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Clean, organic featuring hand-dyed turmeric.

What is GOTS-certified organic cotton?

GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard, which includes benchmarks for ecological and social standards in the textile supply chain. This is why we only use GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas, sustainably harvested/untreated hypoallergen

Why is your Turmeric fabric hand-dyed?

We are constantly evolving our products to be cleaner, better, and more sustainable. Our Turmeric fabric isn’t just a color, it’s actually hand-dyed with turmeric herbs according to the tradition of ayurvastra. It’s a very labor-intensive process int

Does our hand-dyed turmeric cotton fade under exposure to sunlight?

Yes, because our Hand-Dyed Turmeric cotton is literally dyed with organic turmeric spice, it is susceptible to fading upon prolonged exposure to sunlight. The ultraviolet (UV) component of sunlight causes natural dye to fade. If you prefer that your

Do you have refurbished products available for sale?

We at times have limited stock of refurbished goods that customers have returned during their 100 Day Trial. These items are available for USA & Canada sales only. They include all the same quality components, our signature ThermaLight™ bulbs and our

How can I check if my curtain is shielded?

The Faraday™ shielded curtain contains the shielding material sewn on the inside. If you face the sauna entrance, in the upper left-hand corner of the curtain, by the loops for the curtain rod, you will see our Logo, which looks like an infinity symb

What are the specificiations of the power cord and how can I get a replacement cord if needed?

Both our Photon™ panel and Tungsten™ panel feature power cords are 'e-shielded 3-conductor' and the same cord can handle 120V and 240V. This means there is ground plug on the cord and proper grounding of the outlet is required for proper EMF manageme

Can I have different colors for the inside and outside of my sauna enclosure?

Your selection will include the same-colored organic covers for the Inner Cover, Outer Cover, and Corner Connectors. We do not mix and match colored components, upon request or otherwise.

What are your protective bulb guards made of and why are they beneficial?

Our Faraday™ guards are made of uncoated stainless steel and are grounded inside the panel (both panels feature this grounding). The bulb guard protects the user from the electric fields created by the bulbs' tungsten filament. It also protects again