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You can prove it with your own meters.

How do I test EMF levels in the sauna?

You’ll need a body voltage kit and our video walkthrough, but you can also read the instructions below. We like the Safe Living Technologies® Body Voltage Home Test Kit, it makes a suitable voltmeter kit that comes with everything you need and is aff

How do I test flicker stress?

You’ll need a pulsing light meter. We like the Safe Living Technologies OFC-1.

How do I test irradiance?

You’ll need an irradiance meter that works across the light therapy band of 600–1000 nm. We like the Megger PVM 210 Irradiance Meter, which has a range of 400–1100 nm.

How do I test the temperature of my sauna?

You can use a standard air thermometer, just make sure it measures temperatures up to 120 °F. SaunaSpace® does not produce a thermometer or have a built-in thermometer. Our customers use thermometers in the manner described below-. 1) Hang the thermo