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ThermaLight® Bulb

The world's most effective infrared therapy bulb.

How long does a ThermaLight Bulb last?

Each ThermaLight® bulb is rated for 5,000 hours of use, and worst-case scenario, we offer a 2-year warranty on our ThermaLight® bulbs. Feature. ThermaLight® Bulb (250W). Standard heat lamp bulb (250W). Glass production. Mouth-blown, hand-rolled, hand

Can I look at the bulb?

We suggest to not stare directly into the filament of the bulb. Most of our customers gaze around the bulb, panel or room/enclosure near the panel with their eyes open or close their eyes while facing the bulbs during their session. Many will do both

Do I need protective glasses?

SaunaSpace® has no suggestion of protective eyewear as there is no contraindication for the eyes, see our article here. NIR has been shown to promote healing in the eye. Light from tungsten filament lamps, like our ThermaLight™, is non-ablative (very

Do I need the 120v or 240v ThermaLight bulb?

120v bulbs are intended for use in countries that have 110-130v supply voltage, including:. 240v are intended for use in countries that have 220-240v supply voltage. Here's a list of some, but not all countries that have ~240v supply:. To make things