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Can I apply any products with ozone O3 components before my sauna session?Updated 2 months ago

SaunaSpace® is not a healthcare provider, and you should speak to your trusted provider before using saunas or ozone. SaunaSpace® does not suggest applying creams, lotions, or oils to the skin during sauna use. 


We reached out to Bonnie Friehling, M.D. She is a proponent of NIR sauna therapy and prescribes it to her patients. She gave some usage cases based on the administration technique of Ozone (O³), see below:

  1. Drink = you can use that during your session.
  2. Ear insufflation = before / after session.
  3. IV = before / after session.
  4. Injection = ideally after session.
  5. Oil / Skin = after (warning- ozone oil may stain the parts of your SaunaSpace® sauna, this damage is not covered by our warranty.)
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