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Can I benefit from light therapy if I have Lyme disease?Updated 2 months ago

Below are some general leads for your research as well as specifics for Lyme. The best evidence is from the real-world betterment of our customers lives, as expressed directly by our customers.

"Life Changing

After being diagnosed with Lyme disease & several co-infections, I knew I needed a healing modality that would help me gently detoxing and ease the herxamer reactions from detoxing. This sauna has done just that for me. A hair follicle test revealed to me that I had heavy metal toxicity. I am confident that using my sauna space will help me detox from that as well. I am not a huge sweater, but I was amazed at my body as it fell into the rhythm of sweating and began to release more and more. I love this sauna more every day and as far as the design, it is genius! And it is all American made. Could I ask for more?" -Darla H.


My parents bought this for my husband and I. I have chronic Lyme disease as well as a very painful neck/back after a car accident. This Sauna has really helped with alleviating pain and other symptoms. I'm actually sad when I'm away from home and can't use it! My husband has a bad back as well and it has helped him a ton too. We use it every single day. Absolutely love it" -Paula S.

"The Perfect Sauna for Lyme

My husband and I both agree this is perfect for us. I have chronic lyme so for me when it acts up several times a year the sauna controls chills and arthritic-like pains with a 30-minute period in our saunaspace." -Jane M.

"I have Lyme disease, and it has caused so may issues over time they just kept growing into New symptoms and multiplying, Sauna is the Key to fixing/repairing, the damage that was done to me over many years of living with Lyme. Now I am MUCH improved, I owe my healing to sauna space and now lead a very normal life. This Sauna is a Must have for Lyme Patients, especially at 58 years old and living with Lyme so long." -Gary West


From Dr. Terry Wahls:

Near-infrared Light and Heat: Nature's Most Powerful Healing Detox Solution

Articles by Brian, our founder:

'Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration Through Incandescent Sauna Therapy'

'Sauna Therapy & Lyme'

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