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Can I install my sauna outside?Updated 2 months ago

Our products are not made to use outside, on in wet or humid environments. This comes down to:(1) our panels are electrical devices (2) the materials we use (wood and textile) are fully untreated. We strongly suggest only indoor, climate-controlled use. They are made for in-home use, do not use in wet or humid environments.

Please assemble and use your sauna in a temperature-controlled space protected from the elements. 

As for assembling the sauna in a garage, if it's an attached garage that is a completely closed environment, it's totally doable.

Tips for taking care of your sauna from humidity:

-It must be removed from the bathroom prior to showering off after a session.

-It cannot be used in steam saunas with steam running or around steam-producing appliances.

-It cannot be used on open porches, controlled environments only.

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