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Can I or should I use my phone inside the sauna?Updated 2 months ago

It is not suggested that you use your phone in the sauna as the stimulation can overpower the vital parasympathetic state. Detoxification and cellular support are parasympathetic reactions. RF, blue light wavelengths, mental distraction, etc... can push the body toward sympathetic dominance. For the most effective therapy, it is best to relax and not use your phone.

If you have a Faraday, our EMF Shield system is designed to block 99.99% of outside EMF and conduct Wi-Fi, cell signals, and Bluetooth around the enclosure, including 5G from coming into the sauna, not prevent transmitting devices that are inside the sauna. It can create a figurative bubble where you can unplug, which may also limit your connectivity inside the sauna. 

When you bring your phone into the sauna, you are effectively popping that bubble by bringing an active transmitter inside the space. For that reason, we recommend you put your phone in airplane mode or leave it outside the sauna if possible.

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