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Can I use infrared therapy while pregnant or breastfeeding?Updated 2 months ago

One known contraindication with Incandescent Near Infrared Sauna is women who are pregnant. This is in reference to full-body sauna use, but it can apply to the use of the Photon™ as well. Exposure to intense heat during the first trimester of pregnancy, especially, may slightly increase the risk of birth defects.

We also do not suggest using an Incandescent sauna while breastfeeding (except in very needful cases). This is based on the mobilization of toxins into the system and the possibility of transfer through the breast milk. The Photon™ panel can uncouple toxins into the system in the targeted area, though it is not the same full body intensity as the sauna.

Please consult your trusted healthcare provider, as WE DO NOT give treatment plans or diagnoses. We are NOT a health care provider.

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