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Can I use the sauna twice a day?Updated 2 months ago

Yes, you can. But after you finish your acclimation period.

When you are ready for twice a day, ease into the practice. Try two separate 10-15 minute sessions OR one 10 minute and then one 15-20 minute session, let your body adjust for 1-2 weeks. Once you feel good enough to add more time to your sessions, add it in slowly (read: 5 minutes added/test for 1-2 weeks).

Most customers report a combined session length of 30-40 minutes a day/3-4 days a week. Note the maximum suggested session length is 1 hour and the maximum frequency is twice a day. However, almost everyone performing maximal sessions are on doctors' orders and under supervision.

Through testing, you can understand how the sessions affect you. Listen to your body and take it slow for the best results!

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