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Can Iight therapy help with depression and S.A.D?Updated 2 months ago

Below are two research article that speak volumes on general depression and S.A.D. in relation to light therapy.

  1. Psychological Effects 2 and 4 weeks, states: "We gave one 8-minute treatment with NIR-PBM to 10 patients with major depression, including 7 with a history of substance abuse (6 with a past history of opiate abuse and one with a past history of alcoholism), and 9 with an anxiety disorder, including 3 with PTSD. We found significant reductions in both mean HAM-D and HAM-A rating at 2 and 4 weeks following treatment. At 2-weeks post treatment 6 of 10 of patients had a remission (a score ≤ 10) on the HAM-D and 7 of 10 on the HAM-A. We observed no side effects."

  2. Photobiomodulation Directly Benefits Primary Neurons Functionally Inactivated by Toxins
  3. See image from the Brain Photobiomodulation Therapy: A Narrative Review article:


The emission from our signature ThermaLight™ bulbs does not promote flicker or high-energy wavelength stress. Instead, it is relaxing for the body and mind. Please read this comprehensive article on the NTA website. It covers light and benefits (with links), heat therapy, cascading effects from using both, many of the specific uses, etc. 


You do not receive Vitamin D from our lights. Human vitamin D formation is a process that involves UV-B. There is no UV emission from our signature ThermaLight™ bulbs (or standard heat lamps). 


The traditional S.A.D. lamps are fluorescent bulb based with some newer lamps using LED. This means high amounts of energetic blue and green light that are flickering, all this to cause an adrenaline like stimulation to the user! Increased excitement in the brain and nervous system.


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The best investment I have made so far this year! I was overwhelmed in life this past winter and a friend suggested I purchase a photon light from Sauna Space. I was hesitant on this purchase BUT let me tell you… this truly has been LIFE CHANGING. I use it every morning and it just starts my day with such calmness. It truly took me out of a depressive mind set and brought life back in to me. 100% worth the small investment!" -Nicole W.

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