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Can light therapy aid me from the long lasting effects of COVID?Updated 2 months ago

Our position on COVID-19 is the same as for all other diseases due to infectious organisms, whether bacterial or viral or parasitic. Sauna use has been shown in the literature to be one of the most effective means of supporting immune system response and improving function of the immune system and all systems of the body holistically.

It's not about breathing in hot air to kill COVID-19 in the body, as this is not supported by the science. Rather, we need to leverage tools that strengthen our body's innate protective and healing systems to survive and even thrive.

We see a very broad array of health benefits represented in the literature from using sauna and from using near infrared light exposure. Many of the documented benefits are under the immune function umbrella, too many to list here, but we've listed a selection of references below for you.

Let's take a very general perspective on our health and the use of sauna. We note that a primary contributing factor in the development of disease is the presence of some type of foreign "poison" in our cells that is compromising optimal cellular functioning, whether it's heavy metals, synthetic chemicals like glyphosate, franken-foods, viral infections like COVID-19, etc.


"Want to let you guys know that your sauna is helping me so much. I have unconfirmed COVID with main symptom shortness of breath. Sauna helps so much I'm now doing it twice a day for half hour. THANK YOU" -C. Goddin


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