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Can light therapy improve bone density?Updated 2 months ago


Effects of low-level laser therapy on soft and hard tissue healing after endodontic surgery

Dose analysis of photobiomodulaiontheap on osteoblast, osteoclast, and osteocyte

Dr. Micheal Hamblin: LLLT - a must read

Articles by Brian, our founder: 'Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration Through Incandescent Sauna Therapy'

OUR BULB EMISSION INFORMATION: wavelengths, joule breakdown and irradiance

The domestic and international bulbs we sell give a broad spectrum emission (between 550-4000+nm, No UV), so all of the wavelengths that heal AND all the wavelengths that heat. 

The photobiomodulation wavelengths (600-1000nm) irradiance is correlated to the user's distance from the bulb. You can even turn each row of lights off separately so one bulb can be used. Use the information below for comparison in your research.

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