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Can my arthritis benefit from light therapy?Updated 2 months ago

Many 'arthritis and sauna use' articles cite the relief from arthritic stiffness and inflammation. Having this relief while increasing collagen production, which aids the connective tissues and facia affected by chronic arthritis, is what sets our NIR sauna solutions apart. Our signature ThermaLight™ bulbs give a broad spectrum emission (between 550-3000+nm, No UV), so all of the wavelengths shown in studies for light AND heat therapy. This powerful combinations supports a cascade of studied benefits:


"Healing Goodness (blood test results to prove it!)

Purchased a photon of these for the floor of my sauna. It feels sooo good on my feet (sitting) and thighs (kneeling)! After having trouble which my muscle health (stiffness/rigidity) I found I had elevated CPK levels, my muscle cells were dying off faster than normal. After a year later of eating a low inflammation diet and 6 months of using these both I dropped my elevated numbers from 670 to 260! Nearly a 1/3 of what it was. I believe this healing light played a big role in my soft tissue health improving. Not to mention I just love hanging out in front of them in the evening." -Gary P.


My parents bought this for my husband and I. I have chronic Lyme disease as well as a very painful neck/back after a car accident. This Sauna has really helped with alleviating pain and other symptoms. I'm actually sad when I'm away from home and can't use it! My husband has a bad back as well and it has helped him a ton too. We use it every single day. Absolutely love it" -Paula S.

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