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Can my blood pressure improve with exposure to light therapy?Updated 2 months ago

Causes for elevated blood pressure include inflamed arteries, hidden infections, hardened arteries, constricted arteries and congestion of the kidneys. Sauna therapy can benefit all of these causes of high blood pressure. 

Repeatedly shunting blood to the body surface with sauna therapy improves the flexibility of blood vessels, especially peripheral arteries. Deep tissue heating with infrared and eliminating toxic metals facilitates artery repair.

Sauna therapy is highly parasympathetic. This means that it helps relax the arterial muscles that are under autonomic nervous system control. Research indicates that sauna therapy can lead to decreased cardiac ejection resistance and decreased total peripheral resistance. This means that the arteries open up and blood flows through them more easily and with less pressure.

Heating the body several degrees, reducing sympathetic nervous system activity and many other mechanisms discussed in Chapter 9 help the body to alleviate infections that can contribute to inflammation of the arteries.

Sauna use generally does not raise blood pressure.



Use my sauna every night before bed. I sleep better. My blood pressure has stabilized since using it and my blood circulation is wonderful. So glad I purchased the sauna. Thanks so much!" -Sharon W.

We have spoken to other customers who share similar results from high and low blood pressure.


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