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Can the light therapy help me get rid of my cold or flu?Updated 2 months ago

In a sauna, a hyperthermic experience (a 3°F or 1.67°C temperature increase for a sustained period of time) releases Heat Shock Proteins that act as chaperones for signal antibodies! See this article for information. Read here for anti-inflammatory information.


"The sauna helped to keep us cold and flu-free all winter!

My son, husband, and I have been taking daily saunas since Christmas, and managed to avoid any household winter colds and flus despite many around us being sick! We love your sauna!!!" -Katherine H.

"Better than "Cold Kicker" Tonic

Especially during the colder months we have used the sauna regularly (2-3 times a week), but in the event we feel a tinge of a cold or flu creeping in we immediately jump into the sauna at least once a day. That has stopped all such events before they have happened. We love the benefits and the brief "get-away" that using it is!" - Linda C.

"Khoa Huynh PharmD FAARFM

Wow! That was a hard winter with the cold and flu virus. I saw so many patients coming thru my pharmacy with symptoms of the virus. Cold, wet winter, no sunlight, low vitamin D may be a huge factors this year. Luckily for me, I have the Sauna Space. I used it twice a week and I did not get sick at all."

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