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Can the sauna sessions help with my acne?Updated 2 months ago

You can read a few articles about acne and skin related to infrared light therapy here: 

  1. Phototherapy in the treatment of acne vulgaris
  2. Could Near Infrared Saunas Be The Best Thing For Your Skin?


We use one-250W bulb at 12-24 inches from the head/face for 10-15 minutes a session. You can perform up to 10 sessions a day (even when you use your Luminati™ or Faraday™ Sauna once a day). The best rule of thumb is to wait 1 hour in between sessions.


"The sauna healed my chronic acne!

I love my near infrared sauna. I suffered chronic acne for ten years or so. In the last two years I had painful cysts on my cheeks and was certain I would have permanent scarring. This sauna has healed my skin and leaves me looking rejuvenated and young. If I don't use it for four days or so I will start to have a much milder breakout. I am on a nutritional balancing program to help fix this but this sauna has made a huge impact in my health and vitality as well. The quality is excellent and it has changed my life and restored my self-confidence to boot." -Elysia C.

"Great investment

Loving my sauna space! It brings me natural energy every morning as well as helping with acne scaring!" -Caroline A.

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