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Can there be any neuropathic benefits to exposure to light therapy?Updated 2 months ago

Please note that we are not practitioners and give no diagnosis or treatment plans. We have not had any of our customers report similar effects. Our customers do report help with neuropathies and the like. We have a member of our staff who personally had experience with helping their neuropathies in their arm after a car wreck. They do use our sauna, along with chiropractic care and other services. Again, we are not suggesting a treatment plan or diagnosis, only giving personal experience.


"Neuropathy help

I purchased a single light panel after reading that near-infrared light can help with mitochondria. I have many side effects from taking Cipro, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. One of the side effects is body wide neuropathy, worse in my feet. This side effect may be due to damage to the mitochondria by Cipro. After using the light for about a month I noticed that the agonizing burning in my feet had lessened and was much more tolerable. I have recently bought a pocket sauna and I am hoping for similar healing effects in the rest of my body."

"Renewed circulation

I've experienced pink feet once again, no pain , and my feet are finally regrowing capillaries and nerves once again. Since reducing carbohydrates greatly, my Neuropathy pain is gone so is my Diabetes thanks to this light and Dr. Terry Wahls "The Wahls Protocol". Cannot thank you enough Sauna Space! Such informative videos as well! "

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