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Do I need protective glasses?Updated 5 days ago

SaunaSpace® has no suggestion of protective eyewear as there is no contraindication for the eyes, see our article here.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to get dose of NIR that exceeds what is found in nature, e.g. from sunlight. The sun is an incandescent light source and SaunaSpace mimics the sun's healing band of NIR light in power level and in broad spectrum, so we are delivering a natural form of NIR light. 

NIR light from our incandescent ThermaLight technology is non-ablative (very low power), so it’s not a laser and has been shown to promote healing in the eye. When non-SaunaSpace technologies are used for photobiomodulation, like LEDs and LASERS, the power levels exceed natural levels so it's only then that protective eyewear is recommended.

If you want to read a deep dive into why natural power levels of NIR is all goodness and too much NIR is a problem, read this excellent article from Dr. Hamblin:

Friend or Foe:

Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) in skin: stimulating, healing, restoring:

Low-level light therapy of the eye and brain:

In contrast, blue LED light is very damaging to the eyes because it's HEV (High Energy Visible) light. Our technology emits zero blue wavelengths. The French government's occupational safety body, ANSES, recommends  limiting exposure to blue light:

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