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Do you have any replacement parts for my older generation sauna?Updated 2 months ago

Thank you for reaching out. We may not be able to provide service or have components for your older generation of SaunaSpace® Products, as there have been major innovations and improvements since 2011:


  • Our hardware (lamp guards, handle, mounting brackets) is now stainless steel 
  • Grounded lamp cages to neutralize electric field from the bulbs
  • Drastically improved internal EF and MF shielding on our panels
  • Improved porcelain sockets
  • GOTS Certified organic canvas
  • Triple Power Switch for increased flexibility of use
  • Improved frame connector design that is very easy to setup
  • 100% E-shielded Removable power cord
  • In 2018 we rolled out a new accessory ground jack on the Panel’s rear that seamlessly integrates the Faraday™ Shielding Upgrade
  • The Faraday™ system is an upgrade that can be purchased initially or later
  • The integrated Bamboo Mat is fully grounded


  • Our Warranty
  • 100 Day Trial 
  • Free shipping in the continental USA and Canada and free return shipping during 100 Day Trial
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