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Does my body release toxins during my sauna session?Updated 2 months ago

Sweating is a superb method of eliminating many types of toxins. It spares the liver and kidneys and, for this reason, is safer than many other methods. Most people, especially slow metabolizers and those who are older or have sedentary lifestyles do not sweat easily. Lead, cadmium, mercury, radioactive particles, pesticides, and many other organic chemicals can be eliminated through the skin. Most substances eliminated through the kidneys can be eliminated by the skin. Sweating thus helps relieve the burden of toxin elimination that falls to the kidneys. This rests the kidneys and assists their regeneration and ability to detoxify."

"Clearing Biological Toxins Chronic infections play an important role in many health conditions. These range from artery disease and ulcers to arthritis. Many bacteria and fungi, in particular, produce powerful toxins that contribute to both local and systemic disease. Endotoxins are those produced within bacteria that often cause fevers and many other symptoms. Exotoxins are those secreted by bacteria. According to Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, they are among the most poisonous substances known to mankind. 6 Weakened by exposure to ionizing radiation, toxic chemicals and heavy metals, the bodies today are much more susceptible to attack by infections. Also, more and more infections are becoming resistant to drug therapy as a result of weakened bodies and the overuse of antibiotics. Viral infections such as AIDS, Hanta and West Nile virus, Avian flu and many, many others are also on the rise and difficult to treat conventionally. Other infections difficult to treat with conventional means, such as Lyme disease, are also increasing in frequency. Many infections today are chronic, causing nagging complaints that never go away. This occurs especially in areas of the body with poor circulation, such as the joints, ears, and sinuses. Heating the body is a natural mechanism the body uses to fight infections. Indeed, a low body temperature due to impaired thyroid activity or other factors is one of the causes of recurrent infections. Sauna therapy not only heats the body, but powerfully improves circulation and employs other mechanisms as well to help fight both acute and chronic infections. Chapter 9 discusses this in detail.

See also this study: A Large Case- Series of Successful Treatments of Patients Exposed to Mold and Mycotoxin

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