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Does my heart rate increase during my sauna session?Updated 2 months ago

When in session you do experience an increased heart rate similar to a 60-100 watt workout. Though it is not due to sympathetic load, Dr. Lawrence Wilson speaks to this in his book 'Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing' 2003-2017 (by Dr. Lawrence Wilson) from chapter 4 'Sauna Protocol' pg. 27-

"Heart Rate 

An increase in the pulse is due to heating the body, not a sympathetic response as in exercise. As core body temperature rises, the pulse will increase. An increase of up to 50% above the resting pulse is safe unless a heart condition necessitates keeping it lower."

After sauna (during recovery), you experience a below-baseline drop in HR, the parasympathetic shift that is most influential. Even brain function shows improvement this time. The elevation and recovery even have a profound effect on the sedentary individual.

Even long-distance runner Anthony Kunkel speaks to a 10-point rise in his HRV even a day after. This is where the cumulative effect lies (by the studies) as this balances ANS shifting. We have not made our own study; click the links in blue to see more.

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