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How can I clean the bulbs?Updated 2 months ago

You may need to wipe the dust that collects on the bulbs off. Never touch the bulb in operation, it is very hot. Never touch the bulb right after use, it may still be very hot. The best time to wipe the bulb is before use.

STEPS for bulb cleaning:

  1. Unplug your sauna from the outlet
  2. Unlatch and open the guard, remove the bulb
  3. Wipe bulb (see notes below)
  4. Screw the bulb, replace guard properly, repeat as needed.

 NOTES about bulb cleaning:

  • Make sure the bulb is fully cooled and removed from the fixture
  • Wipe the bulb with a microfiber of cotton cloth
  • Moistening, if needed, with simple water. If you would like to use a simple water/vinegar mixture for glass cleaning, that is ok.
  • Do not wipe the wood itself with a moistened rag.
  • Make sure the bulb is dry before placing it into a fixture for use.
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