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How can I disassemble or take apart my sauna?Updated 2 months ago

1) Unplug the unit and remove the bulbs, set aside safely. 

2) Remove covers one at a time. It is easiest to start with the front bottom corners, then the back. Lift covers over the top, set aside.

3) Remove the front top pole. Then remove the bottom front pole with the curtain attached. Remove curtain.

4) Remove the front, tall poles and fittings. Remove the top and side poles. 

5) You can now take the two poles attached to the panel up and out of their ground level fittings (leaving top fittings attached) and set the entire module down, guard faces on the ground. Remove fittings from the poles, loosen clamps and remove poles.

6) Unsnap the Mat from the fittings and remove all fittings from all poles.

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