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How can I set up the Photon panel by itself or to another panel?Updated 2 months ago

The Photon™ Infrared Therapy Light can be used with any "VESA-D 75×75mm” monitor mount, but we strongly suggest the Photon™ Desk Arm kit.

When using your own mount, it will come with attachment screws to apply to the panel. Your Photon™ comes pre-drilled to accept those screws.

  1. The 'triangular' piece of basswood that came with your panel is the base.
  2. The base that came with your Photon™ can be used to bridge a gap (on your legs, on the couch, etc.), or on an uneven surface (i.e. a couch, bed, etc. the surface cannot have an incline as the Single Light may tumble), or any surface you would not like to heat up (i.e. carpet, finished wood vanity, etc.). The base is made of the same hypoallergenic basswood as your panel. 
  3. You can put the Photon™ on a “vesa” monitor arm. The panel comes pre-drilled for use with a "VESA-D 75×75mm” compatible mount. We recommend the Ergotron MXV with quick release, available on our website.
  4. The attached handle (on back) is strong enough to hold the Photon™ on a properly anchored hook applied to the wall. This way, you can have targeted therapy you can stand in front of!
  5. You can hold the Photon™ on any side, but be sure not to touch the guard, as it does get warm. It is most easily held on the short sides to point up at your chest or throat and head while sitting on the base.
  6. It also has our proprietary anchors built in to the back on one side, small trapezoid shaped brackets. Use them with the included clamps to apply your Panel inside our Luminati™ Sauna or you can purchase a 1 inch dowel and attach the light in any configuration you think of! Some people will make a base for the dowel and use it like a stand-up lamp.
  7. Tilting: the tilt you see is part of the engineering, you can tilt it on any level surface, by tilting back and letting go! It is that easy. However, all panels are designed to be used Vertically, so do NOT place it upside down or horizontally.

* We do not recommend using the Photon panel in a 'nylon tent' or 'amazon tipi'. It is not made to be used in a 'tent sauna that your head sticks out'. We do not suggest use of any of our panels inside a plastic enclosure sauna. You need proper clearance from the panel and DO NOT want to get sweat/wetness on the bulb.

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