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How can I tightly fit the curtain and covers into the frame?Updated 2 months ago

The Curtain and Covers are made to fit tight on the frame. If you have a gap on the bottom of the curtain, the first thing to look at is your fittings and frame poles. 

Sometimes, during setup, the frame poles are placed into the wrong fitting channel, or the frame poles do not seat all the way into the channels. These two setup nuances are usually the culprit of a short curtain. Follow the four steps below:


1. There are two types of fittings. Each has long and short channels sewn into them.

2. The channel length corresponds to the pole length. READ- short channel to short pole, long channel to long pole.

3. When properly setup your fittings will not bend or bow, your curtain is on the bottom pole, your vertical/long poles go from long channel to long channel!


NOTE: Do NOT put all your weight on the fittings. Simple strong pulls are all that is needed!

4. Take both hands on the top of the fitting / top of the sauna, directly over the pole channel, and pull down. You may feel a little movement, this is the pole slipping the rest of the way into the channel.

Repeat with the horizontal poles: grabbing the front and back, directly inline with the poles, pull your arms together. 

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