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How could I feel after starting my sauna session if I have any underlaying conditions?Updated 2 months ago

The light provided by our signature bulbs contains all of the studied wavelengths for light and heat therapy. The deep penetrating heat of our bulbs emission is radiant, meaning it heats you from the inside out! The Light therapy quotient works to stimulate the mitochondrial function. 

This is why those with infirmities choose the near-infrared difference. See this article outlining the myriad, documented, benefits that Light and Heat therapy together provide.

Some customers do report their initial response to full spectrum Sauna accompanied by "worsening symptoms"...

Some even have smells or tastes associated with their session! Not everyone experiences these effects. Those that do, do not experience them every time they sauna.

Each individual can react differently to sauna therapy in terms of sweat as well. In the beginning, some sweat very little during the first 1-5 sessions as they acclimate to the therapy...others begin sweating more quickly. 

Give the body time, and it will come around! Don’t stop, listen to your body. You may want to take it slower by turning one light off during your session. You may even want to shave 5 minutes off of your session time for a couple of weeks. This has been helpful for many customers. 

Remember, as soon as the lights turn on you are receiving light therapy and deep penetrating, radiant heating. When you properly hydrate as suggested and sit inside for the suggested amount of time, you are using your sauna correctly. 

When we read on the web and find people that report 'deleterious effects', it's not related to full spectrum infrared sauna.

It is usually cited as high output laser with specific area focus or occupationally facing high air temperature or FIR heating for long exposure at a very high frequency (many hours a day, everyday, for months, years, etc.), sometimes, without the proper protection. 

With sauna you have controlled session duration, with input from a healthcare professional, for a span of time, that you can document as you gain experience with sauna therapy.

From our Customers

"Life Changing. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease & several co-infections, I knew I needed a healing modality that would help me gently detoxing and ease the herxamer reactions from detoxing. This sauna has done just that for me. A hair follicle test revealed to me that I had heavy metal toxicity. I am confident that using my sauna space will help me detox from that as well. I am not a huge sweater, but I was amazed at my body as it fell into the rhythm of sweating and began to release more and more. I love this sauna more every day and as far as the design, it is genius! And it is all American-made. Could I ask for more?" - Darla H.

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