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How do I adjust the panel?Updated a month ago

The Tungsten™ attaches to the frame poles of your sauna with 4-turnkey clamps. The panel can adjusted almost all the way to the ceiling/floor (anywhere on the exposed portion of the poles). 

This allows for the panel to be placed at floor level to sit cross legged, properly adjusted for seating, lowered slightly for use on the legs during recovery, etc.


Looking at the guards, we see a handle to open the front grill for bulb replacement. That handle creates a 'rectangle' on the top of each guard. Align the 'rectangle' on the top most guard to the very top of your sternum, right under the throat. About the even level of your shoulders for most people. The alignment of the top guard is important as direct exposure to the head should be minimal. The head is full of water and you do not want to heat it directly for your whole session. (only 5-10 minutes during the session)


Heating our torso, the core, is the most effective means for detoxification through passive, relaxed sweating (with light therapy providing cellular detoxification and healing). The torso, our core, is the seat of our major organs and the seat of our main toxic load. This is why we sit, meditatively, in a sacred organic space for our healing and parasympathetic support. 

This is the primary reason for our saunas multi layered cover systems; it creates an enclosure that keeps the air temp between 100-120°F (38-49°C) throughout the duration of the sauna session. If the ambient air is at or less than body temp, the hyperthermic effect of the sauna is reduced significantly as the cooler air around the user constantly cools the body. 

Appendages do heat in this environment and sweat, the core heating is most important for this elimination as it is the seat of our major organs (the central location of our main toxic load).

"Sweating is a superb method of of eliminating many types of toxins. It spares the liver and kidneys and, for this reason, is safer than many other methods. Most people, especially slow metabolizers and those who are older or have sedentary lifestyles, do not sweat easily. Lead, cadmium, mercury, radioactive particles, pesticides and many other organic chemicals can be eliminated through the skin.

Most substances eliminated through the kidneys can be eliminated by the skin. Sweating thus helps relieve the burden of toxin elimination that falls to the kidneys. This rests the kidneys and assists their regeneration and ability to detoxify."


SaunaSpace® offers deep penetrating heat and light therapy (PBM) in one session. 

You can position your arms and legs in front of the lights for specific recovery if you wish, we have customers do this for everything from scars and cellulite to surgery and broken ankles. 

For direct use on the head, simply hang it in front of the lights for the 5-10 minutes a session. Customers report relief of symptoms in the eyes, brain, ears, etc. for conditions related, but not limited to, parkinsons, hyperthyroid, floaters, lyme, macular deficiencies, etc. 

The three switches in our sauna allow you to have between one and four bulbs in operation- this helps with potent localised therapy. With one bulb on you can get much closer (12-24 inches). Using the Tungsten™ outside of the enclosure will not produce the same profuse, detoxifying sweat though you do receive all the light therapy.

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