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How do I clean my sauna?Updated 2 months ago

You can safely clean almost every piece of your sauna without harsh chemicals or solvents. See the guidelines below. 

The Sauna Cover Set and regular curtain are safe to put in the washing machine. Afterwards, either hang dry or use the air dry setting on an automatic dryer. It is safe to use steamers on installed covers to reduce visible wrinkles.

The EMF Shield should be hand-washed in cold water with a gentle, pH-neutral soap. Do not soak. Hang dry. Do not dry clean or steam.

You can clean the Grounding Mat and Sauna Stool with a damp, soapy cloth—but be sure to dry it thoroughly. For best longevity on your product, keep wooden components dry and out of humid environments.

Our saunas need very little maintenance as long as you follow the suggested usage! The following information can all be found in our product manual.

Prior to each session, place a towel on the stool and 1-2 more beneath your feet. Some users enjoy having another small towel to wipe sweat off the face during the sauna session. Removing your towels immediately after your session conveys your odorous and caustic sauna sweat out of the sauna. Wash towels after use. 

This easy step saves not only your sauna but also your peace of mind. When you evacuate the sweat and toxins after every session, you do not need to worry about recontamination! Failure to use towels to prevent sweat from reaching the product and failure to remove towels immediately after the session may lead to damage that could void the warranty on your product.

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