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How do I pack the Desk Arm to return it?Updated 2 months ago

IMPORTANT- the return of your desk arm includes the return of the plate that is attached to the back of your Photon™ Panel. You can remove the plate with a screwdriver, be careful not to strike your panel! Please include the screws with the plate in your return box.

You must complete your return drop-off or pickup within 14 days of receipt of your return shipping labels. Otherwise, your return request will be canceled.

To make your return follow the instructions below (where applicable):

HOW TO PACK THE DESK ARM  (and plate from Photon™)

• CAREFULLY pack the items with all protective packaging precisely in molded foam part to protect the components during transit. (as received*, with cords stowed, owner's manual). Tape box securely shut.

It is important to place the cardboard and foam parts precisely to protect the components during transit. Failure to do so may cause the components to become marred and incur a reduction in your refund.

(1) 34x9x7 in brown box:

The ergotron arm, 

Attached plate AND plate from back of Photon™ Panel 

Attached power cord 

*All parts fit into molded foam as received!



• Attached are your FEDEX return ship labels (and return pickup confirmation, if requested).

• Please print the labels and affix securely to the appropriate box ON TOP of old label so the old labels are covered. The dimensions are listed on each label in the upper right hand corner for appropriate box placement.

• For return-pickups: Place outside on day of pickup. For drop-off: Pack as guided and take to your nearest Fedex Office.

*For international customer: When you print these labels it will be multiple pages due to international shipping, you will need to include all the pages in the poly envelope. Your FedEx driver should have an envelope on their truck, please ask!



They will be photo documented, processed in our facility and your refund will be remitted and a receipt of refund will be issued to the email address provided. Please allow 3-9 business days for this process to be complete.

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