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How do I pack the Photon Panel to return it?Updated 2 months ago

Place the bulb inside the cloth bulb sock, insert it into the Bulb Guard, and close the guard as received.

Do NOT return the clamps attached to back of panel. Only return if placed in the original packaging (clamps in a small plastic bag and foam sleeve)! 

It is extremely IMPORTANT to place the bulb cover, accessory pouch and foam parts correctly as shipping is rigorous. Failure to do so may cause the components to become marred and incur a reduction in your refund.

When packing your bulb, it slides itself into the Bulb sock. When you have the bulb properly secured, place the bulb sock inside the guard and close the guard.

Pack all of the following items in a 16x12x11 Original Brown Box:

  • The Photon™ Panel, including power cord
  • Bulb Sock with Bulb inside   (placed in guard) 
  • Owner's Accessory Bag   (with all components)
  • Wooden Base Plate
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