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How do I pack the Tungsten panel to return it?Updated 2 months ago

Do NOT return the clamps attached to the back of the panel. Only return if placed in the original packaging (clamps in a small plastic bag and foam sleeve). 

It is important to place the bulbs in the guards, poly bags, and foam parts correctly, as shipping is rigorous! 

Failure to do so may cause the components to become marred and incur a reduction in your refund.

As for packing everything in the boxes, please take the following considerations:

  • Panel  (27x26x11 in, square), including power cord
  • Place the bulbs in protective foams
  • First, unscrew the bulb from the socket, place the bulb in the foam holder into the basket guard, close the guard as received. Watch this video.
  • Place the panel in the box back down between the foam pieces. This allows the wide part of the light panel to rest on top of them. 
  • Load the Accessory Box with a bubble pack.
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