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How do I test the temperature of my sauna?Updated 2 months ago

You can use a standard air thermometer, just make sure it measures temperatures up to 120 °F.

SaunaSpace® does not produce a thermometer or have a built-in thermometer. Our customers use thermometers in the manner described below-

1) Hang the thermometer with twine or string to the middle level of the sauna (approximately chest height of the user). To high and you are reading the rising air, to low and you will be reading a cooler temp.

2) Make sure the thermometer that can read temperatures between 80℉ - 120℉ at least (ideally up to 140℉).

3) A digital or glass thermometer can be used. It is best to bring as little plastic as possible into the sauna! 

See links below to get you started:

This thermometer is metal and glass.

This thermometer has plastic and only goes up to 120℉.

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