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How do I turn my Luminati into a Faraday?Updated a month ago

To upgrade your Luminati, purchase the EMF Shield. Apply your new layers in as little as 10 minutes in the comfort of your own home with nothing to ship back, it's that easy. It will fit between the two layers of your Luminati sauna cover and it includes a Shielded Curtain in the color of your choice to replace your Luminati’s standard curtain.

Our exclusive, proprietary shielding system is designed to attenuate both low-frequency e-fields (50-60 Hz) from wired electricity, and high-frequency e-fields (>100mHz) from wireless sources like microwave cell phone towers and wifi signals. 

Your system is sound as long as the layers are connected properly and your Tungsten™ is plugged into a properly grounded outlet.

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