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How do I upgrade my cabinet sauna with my tungsten panel?Updated 16 days ago

If you want to upgrade your sauna, our Tungsten Infrared Sauna Panel is the best option to turn your existing far-infrared, or other cabinet-style sauna, into a full-spectrum infrared sauna!

Recommended setup: Purchase the Tungsten Pedestal and Sauna Stool with your Tungsten Infrared Sauna Panel to target your core. Remove your sauna’s built-in bench. 

Bench setup: Set your Tungsten on your sauna’s built-in bench. Sit on your own chair or our sustainable basswood Sauna Stool.

Hanging setup: Use the carrying handle to hang your Tungsten on the wall. Make sure to use proper anchoring hardware. This means the hardware must be able to support at least 25 lbs.(Hooks, Rope, etc..)

Due to variables beyond our control, customers experience different heating when using the Tungsten panels in their own environment. The 4-bulb Tungsten only heats an area of 60-70 cubic feet. This handy plug in calculator can be used to calculate the cubic footage of your space:

What if I have to run the power cord out of the door?

Any gaps or ventilation is fine as long as you can maintain the ambient air temperature! For most that run the power cord out of the door they cover the small gap with a towel.

What if my sauna is bigger; will the Tungsten Panel heat it up properly?

At most we suggest one 4-bulb Tungsten and one 3-bulb Tungsten per user. Ambient air temperature must be above 100 °F (37.8 °C) during a sauna session. If the volume is large, a space heater can be used to help achieve the ambient temperature air requirement. Some ventilation is OK, as long as you can maintain the air temperature. Extra panels should be placed on the same wall, one above the other; do not 'sandwich' yourself between two panels. Note that two 4-bulb Tungsten Panels use 2000W = 16.8A on 120V and this requires a dedicated 20A circuit. 

Can I use my existing heaters & my SaunaSpace Panel together?

We do not recommend the use your Tungsten panel while using your other emitters. Use your cabinet for one type of session or the other. If using your existing emitters remove your panel from the sauna. If you do use with other heat emitters, DO NOT place panel in front of another heat source. Panel can only be be used in temperature no more than 150°F (65.6°C).

SaunaSpace sauna enclosures are ideal!

If you are stuck with your cabinet, the Tungsten panel is the solution. Upgrade your sauna enclosure to a SaunaSpace standard or EMF-Shielded Sauna Enclosure with the purchase of our Luminati Sauna or Faraday Sauna. Our Sauna Enclosures are a 100% pure experience, with ZERO EMF (and protection against outside EMF), organic materials, and the most natural science-backed light & heat therapy available. 

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