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How do my eyes benefit from being exposed to NIR?Updated 2 months ago

When NIR reaches the eyes, it promotes healing in the eye cells because we also have visible red/NIR photoreceptors in our eye cells, like the retina.

Furthermore, NIR has been shown to activate “lazy water” by increasing the transfer velocity of water-diffused nutrient delivery. This is particularly crucial for the retinal photoreceptor cells, as they are very energy and nutrient hungry, yet they are not only not directly supplied by blood vessels, in fact, of all cells in the human body, they are the farthest distance from a blood vessel. So, daily NIR stimulus to the eyes in order to keep the nutrients efficiently flowing to the retinal photoreceptors is crucial for their health and optimal functioning. NIR light from tungsten heat lamps is non-ablative (very low power); it’s not a laser.

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