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How do you block EMFs?Updated 2 months ago

SaunaSpace uses a combination of methods to eliminate the EMFs it would otherwise create and shield you from the EMFs created by other sources.

Every electrical device produces EMFs. To reduce them requires conductive metals that can draw the currents away. The cages on our light panels, grounding mat, and shielded cords all conduct electromagnetic fields from our devices right back into the grounded outlet.

The Faraday and EMF Shield take protection to the next level. Silver mesh is woven right into the fabric, which conducts electromagnetic fields from cell signals, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. All the EMFs in your environment are blocked from entering the sauna enclosure.

The unique features protect you from the EMF given off in your home from getting in the sauna! How we do it- 

  • Bamboo Shielding & Grounding Mat that delivers 100% protection from wired electric fields (EF) that come from home wiring and unshielded electronics.
  • Our custom-made 5G-frequency-blocking shielding material that protects you from 99.999% of ambient RF such as cellular, radio, wifi, bluetooth.

Learn more about how EMFs work and why we’re on a mission to block them.

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