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How do your bulbs emit both light and heat therapy at the same time?Updated 2 months ago

Our bulbs emit red light therapy layered with heating. This means deep, rich core heating and mitochondrial stimulation at natural levels of irradiance from a single source.  

Our ThermaLight™ bulbs emit broad-spectrum, polychromatic light. The full emission is between 550-3000+nm with NO UV! These are all the wavelengths studied for 'red light therapy' and heating, with irradiance proportional to the user's distance from the bulb. Our bulbs, in particular, deliver 2x the irradiance in the light therapy (photobiomodulation) band of visible red and near-infrared 600nm—1000nm. You also feel more heat than the competitors. 

When working, the bulb's tungsten filament produces all of the bands of wavelengths in the chart below. You notice I said 'bands of wavelengths'. This is because the emission includes yellow/orange/red visible light as well as the full band of NIR (700-1500nm), the full band of MIR (1500-3000nm), and some FIR (300+nnm).

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