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How does the heat shock protein therapy process happen when using your saunas?Updated 2 months ago


Raising cell temperature by 3°F (1.67°C), sustained for a few minutes, induces the cellular detoxification response. Therefore, if we raise core body temperature by 3°F (1.67°C) for a few minutes, we have increased temperature accordingly for all the body’s cells. This is sauna! 

When looking at deep core heating nothing beats incandescent for heat shock therapy release approach is incandescent sauna due to the it's radiant heating. Radiant is direct heating to the tissues from the source, other sauna modalities (steam, FIR, etc.) heat the body conductively, relying on high ambient temperature around you to heat the tissue...this much less efficient. Frequently


"I preheated my Luminati for 15 Minutes with all the Tungsten 4 thermalight Bulbs on, when I entered the Luminati Sauna, the temp inside was at 108F degrees, a 20 minute Sauna session the temp was at 120 degrees F at the end of 20 minutes, and I was Sweating a lot, Not bad for someone that Never sweats, well Until the Luminati came along. My goal was 105 degrees, as that was where some Human studies, were done, and they showed very good healing at that temp. My Luminati surpassed that goal. and my expectations by far..." -Gary West

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PBM, the light therapy side of Incandescent emission:

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