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How I can attach and detach the protective guard around the bulb?Updated a month ago

You received our newest innovation in protective guard design with your panel. Please watch this handy operation video or use the photo instructions below....

FIRST- locate latch tabs with both hands-

NEXT- twist the latches to line up with the tab receiver notch-

LASTLY- once aligned, guide the latches out through the receiver notch-

BE CAREFUL- as you guide the basket out of the surround, it contains your ThermaLight™ bulb-

PULL out the protective sleeve with the bulb inside-

CAREFULLY loosen the strap and remove your bulb from the sleeve-

SCREW in your ThermaLight™ bulb-

LOCATE the guide ring on your latch basket, it corresponds to the guide track of the surround-

SLIDE the latch basket along the guide track and make sure your latches lock tight!


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