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How long is my warranty?

Warranties cover SaunaSpace-made products in new and refurbished condition.

10-Year Warranty

  • Faraday Infrared Sauna
  • Luminati Infrared Sauna
  • Shower Sauna Conversion Kit
  • Tungsten Infrared Sauna Panel
  • Photon Infrared Therapy Light
  • Tungsten Pedestal
  • Sauna Stool
  • Sauna Enclosure Kit
  • Photon Desk Arm
  • Photon Soft Case
  • Sauna Cover

5-Year Warranty

EMF Shield

2-Year Warranty

ThermaLight® Bulb*

For full details on what is covered, visit the Warranty page.

*Two-year warranty applies to ThermaLight® Bulbs used as intended in SaunaSpace products. For all other uses, warranty is limited to one year. When you make a warranty claim, SaunaSpace may ask for proof of purchase of accompanying SaunaSpace products before processing the claim.

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