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How many people can use the sauna at the same time?Updated a day ago

Two people can use the sauna at the same time! Most often this is couples or partners. Keep in mind, we recommend saunaing fully nude for best light exposure. While two regular sized adults can fit in the enclosure for relaxation and warming, it is not ideal for two people desiring a full detox sauna session. Our rule of thumb is one (4 bulb) panel per person; our saunas do not fit two (4-bulb) panels. 


 Our saunas have no humidity; the environment of the sauna is neutral (not too dry and not stuffy), and the ambient air temperature range is 110°F-120°F. To start your session, place the necessary towels on the stool and floor, it takes 3-5 towels combined. Your sweat is soaked up by the towels which you remove after your session. Once you are done, remove the used towels, leave the lights on and curtain open for 5-7 minutes, and your sauna is ready for use again. Simply bring in fresh towels, set them up and start the next session! 


Rotate a 1/4 turn every 5-7 minutes, all 4 sides of the user bask in the light. Amended Protocol: Rotating front to back every 7-10 minutes (e.g. first the chest primarily faces the lamps, then the back).

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