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How many turnkey clamps for my panel will I receive? What happens if I need replacements?Updated 2 months ago

You will receive 4 clamps as needed. Inside your customer accessory pack, there will be a small bag with turnkey clamps (they are covered in a protective sleeve).

Please follow the instructions on their proper use located on page 17 of your owner's manual


Features to look for:

  • The clamp has an attached turnkey for ease of use
  • The clamp is wide enough to fit into the bracket on the back of the panel
  • The clamp has 1 inch TO 2 inch adjustability. 
  • SAE size: 24. The poles that the panel attaches to are 1 inch (~2.5cm) in diameter.

For the UK: This is an amazon listing of appropriate clamps

For the US: This is an amazon listing of appropriate clamps