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Sauna Usage Protocol- Heat SensitiveUpdated 2 months ago


In our 7+ years we have seen almost everyones body balance and begin to work up sweat and tolerance as they detoxify, recover, improve cellular functioning, etc. This comes down to starting very slowly and building up as you are abilities progress! The synergy of light + heat, as emitted by our bulbs, means you have a multi factorial sauna that can provide studied benefits EVEN if you can't perform a "normal" session initially. 

Everybody is different, they may receive different initial results... 

Some have a dripping sweat response upfront, while some take many sessions to get the same. Some can have all 4 lights on in their session and do not think twice about the heat, some have to start with one light and no covers as that is too much for them. Some leave their eyes open, some need to close them... If you do not get what you want at first- Don’t stop! As soon as the lights turn on you are receiving Light Therapy and Heat Therapy. This is new for the body and the body will come around. 

Try any of these your session changes for the first 4 weeks: 

NOTE: alter one element of your session and test before moving forward with others (see 'about testing' below)

  • Do not preheat: simply get in, turn the lights on, and enjoy your session.
  • SINGLE DAILY, shorter session: start off with 5-10 minutes OR 10-15 minutes for a full session.
  • TWICE DAILY, short sessions: 10 minutes only per session / one session in the morning + one in the evening.
  • Less lamps in operation: see 'about less lamps' below.
  • Curtain open: experiment with your curtain partially or fully open to reduce build-up of ambient air temp.
  • Remove Cover layer: try removing the outermost layer to allow more heat to escape.


After 4 weeks alter on element of your session (i.e. add a little time (5 minutes) to your session OR lamps in operation OR curtain openness OR cover back on, etc.) Only alter a single element of the session then test this alteration for 1-2 weeks. Through testing you can understand how that alteration effects to your body. You can perform this same alteration / test action again and again to guide where is best focus your build to a "normal" session! 


The panel in your sauna has a 3-piece switch, which gives you a range of operating bulb configurations.

1. One lamp only: great for localized therapy (on a select area closer to the bulb) OR for the least heating of the user and air while 24-30 inches away from the bulb. You will not have a full body sweat.

2. Two lamps only: gives good surface area coverage with a light heating of the user and the air

3. Three lamps only: turning off the top lamp will heat primarily your lower trunk reducing the direct exposure to head, lungs, etc.

4. Four lamps only: all lights on, great for testing your open curtain or remove cover suggestions from above! The ambient temperature may be the issue and you can handle the heating from the bulbs!

5. You might try turning on more lamps during your session: start your session with one-two bulbs operating, turn on another bulb every 5-10 minutes. This heats the air and the user slower while ending with your session fully heated.

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