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Should I wear clothing?Updated 2 months ago

Clothing is optional. Keep in mind that most fabric will block infrared emissions and limit your light therapy benefits, so for best results we recommend using your sauna without clothes. If you would like to wear clothing, we recommend loose-fitting garments made of breathable, natural fibers like linen or cotton.

NIR gives a deep penetrating, radiant heating to our bodies, yet, is blocked by cloth (clothing, textiles, bandanas, undergarments, etc.). 

This can be useful in many ways: covering chair materials you do not want heating, keeping certain areas of the body from heating during a full body session by covering them in cloth (such as a small towel over the shoulder or knee), only heating a select area for a short time! 

EXAMPLE- pop in to your enclosure, leaving the curtain open, for 10 minutes with one light aimed at the lower back (target an area without fully disrobing or heating the whole body).

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