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What do I do if my outlet isn’t grounded?Updated 2 months ago

The shielding that is built into your Tungsten™ Infrared Sauna Panel, and the Bamboo Grounding Mat and EMF Shield layer of our Faraday™ Infrared Sauna, need to be grounded. This effectively carries the voltage away. 

Most modern three-prong outlets are grounded, but if yours is not, contact an electrician. If professional assistance is unavailable, the grounding mat, Photon, and Tungsten have accessory ground jacks that allow you to run a grounding cable to a grounding fixture.

Our system is made to be easy to use; simply plug the power cord from the panel itself into a properly grounded outlet, and you are set. The grounding cable that came with your sauna plugs into your Tungsten™ panel as outlined in the owner's manual.

Use your panel with an extension cord! If you have a grounded outlet close enough, a properly rated extension cord, 10amp or better, will work great!


  1. ASSESS WITH YOUR ELECTRICIAN: Contact your trusted electrician to come out and look at the socket. There may be a ground run that is not connected, etc. 
  2. RUN A GROUND FROM YOUR BOX: Your electrician can run the proper wiring from your breaker box to your outlet.
  3. RUN A NEW GROUND: Use a similar to this one and work with a professional to place it. SaunaSpace® does not have a suggestion about the kit to use.

Contact [email protected] if you would like help in grounding your sauna using this method.

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