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What is detoxification?Updated 2 months ago

Heating our torso, the core, is the most effective means for detoxification through passive, relaxed sweating (with light therapy providing cellular detoxification and healing). The torso, our core, is the seat of our major organs and the seat of our main toxic load. This is why we sit, meditatively, in a sacred, meditative, organic SaunaSpace® for our healing and parasympathetic support. 

This is the primary reason for our saunas multi-layered cover systems; it creates an enclosure that keeps the air temp between 100-120°F (38-49°C) throughout the duration of your session. If the ambient air is at or less than body temp, the hyperthermic effect of the sauna is reduced significantly as the cooler air around the user constantly cools the body. For specific information about the layering of our Faraday™ Infrared Sauna see product page. 

Appendages do heat in this environment and sweat, the core heating is most important for this elimination as it is the seat of our major organs (the location of our main toxic load).

"Sweating is a superb method of of eliminating many types of toxins. It spares the liver and kidneys and, for this reason, is safer than many other methods. Most people, especially slow metabolizers and those who are older or have sedentary lifestyles, do not sweat easily. Lead, cadmium, mercury, radioactive particles, pesticides and many other organic chemicals can be eliminated through the skin.
Most substances eliminated through the kidneys can be eliminated by the skin. Sweating thus helps relieve the burden of toxin elimination that falls to the kidneys. This rests the kidneys and assists their regeneration and ability to detoxify."

Kidneys- "Blood is shunted away from the kidneys during sweating and directed toward the body surface. The kidneys' burden lessens during sauna use as more water and toxins are eliminated through sweating. Repeated use helps rest and or restore the kidneys."

Liver- "By shunting blood to the surface, congestion of blood in the liver is reduced during sauna use. This can enhance the liver's detoxification ability. By reducing sympathetic nervous system activity sauna use promotes bile secretion and emptying of the gall bladder."



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