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What is Splitit?Updated a year ago

Splitit is a 3rd-party financing provider that helps you break down your purchase into interest-free monthly payments on the credit card you already use. If you have enough credit on your card, this is a great way to avoid opening a new line of credit while spreading out payments. 

The way this works is Splitit authorizes the full amount of your order total, and then captures fractional monthly payments according to the 3, 6 or 12 month payment schedule you select.

This means your 1st credit card statement will show a hold amount equaling your order's total but only the 1st fractional monthly payment will be charged. The hold amount and subsequent payment charges will show SaunaSpace as the vendor. Then with each following month, 1 fractional monthly payment will be charged.

Note that if your monthly payment charge fails 3 times, Splitit may immediately attempt to charge the entire remaining balance owed. Please review Splitit's Terms and Conditions - Consequences of Default.

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